13 topics for Data Analytics in Procurement process

Check out these 13 topics for Data Analytics in Procurement process. Start using these and you’ll get easy-wins during your audit!

Type of Analysis Purpose Type of Control
Duplicate Vendors for Purchase Order Issues Ensure duplicate vendors and each vendor number has had one or more purchase order issues against it. Detective
Excessive User Access Ensure employees do not have excessive access to Procurement transactions. Detective
Purchase Order Approval Identify requisition and purchase orders made by the same requester and approver. Preventive
Purchase Orders above Approval Identify requisition and purchase order approval amounts above authority limits. Detective
Purchase orders below Thresholds Identify orders made below authorization thresholds. Detective
Purchase Orders Information Ensure purchase order payments do not have missing information. Detective
Purchase Orders to Employees Ensure purchase order payment ID does not match the employee master file. Detective
Purchase Orders to Inactive or Blocked Vendors Ensure purchase order payment does not match an inactive or blocked vendor. Detective
Purchase Orders without Approval Identify released purchase orders without proper approval or an approved requisition. Detective
Segregation of Duties Conflicts Ensure employee duties do not conflict (eg. Requester, approver, and executive checks). Detective
Prepaid Operations Ensure that amounts paid for future operationes are properly recorded as prepaid assets. Detective
Returned Goods Ensure shipping orders for returned goods match the vendor’s credit memos and are accounted for. Detective
Value and invoice amount match Ensure there are no differences in order value and invoice amounts. Detective

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