Audit report checklist – Be a poster boy of consistency

Audit report is the business card of the internal audit function. Still it’s amazing to see how much variation there is from one report to another. One of the main reason is the legendary “but this is such a special audit that we need to jump in the air with the audit report as well.” -excuse. Screw that! If the internal audit department really wants to be the poster boy of the consistency, this definitely should be reflected in the audit report. There’s no better way to do this than having a comprehensive audit report checklist in place.

The very first internal audit department where I worked had an amazing audit report checklist that was mandatory to be used in all the audits. Of course in the beginning you hate it as you need to check that after a sentence there is a double-space in 10,000 places etc.. But overtime the checklist really proved its power. I’ve applied this in the every department ever since.

See below an example of the audit report checklist that will help you to build up the consistency in the audit report.

Download the audit report checklist here:

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