Getting ready for CIA Exam? – You need to read this website!

I am (like so many others) reading their brains out to get ready for the CIA exam (certified internal auditor). More specifically I decided to go straight to the deep-end of the swimming pool and start with the Part 3.  Part 3 is by far the most difficult to pass due to number of topics included in this exam. I purchased premium account for the quest with the books and online materials etc. Few weeks ago I was casually googling around some further tips (as I’ve now read the books and have done 5000+ test exam questions for the part 3) how to maximize my chances to pass the exam in the first go.

I stumbled across this website “” I’m highly recommending it to everyone!

The website has some very good tips from several people, especially in the Stories & Blog section.

What I found also extremely useful is that a lot of people are highlighting the fact that the review courses (such as Gleim) are over-killing the Finance -part in their materials. In the actual exam it seems to be that the focus is more on the Governance, Risk Management and IT sections usually. So don’t get depressed if you don’t know how to calculate Earnings-per-share when they provide you only the beginning and ending inventory amounts 😉

Go and check that website for some useful study tips!

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