Quick Tips: Oracle Hyperion for internal auditors

Chances are that your organization is using Oracle Hyperion or HFM for consolidated financial reporting. For the internal auditors HFM is a true hidden gem especially for planning purposes. There are few especially juicy things with HFM:

Smartview (Excel add-on)

You need to get this add-on and ask IT to give you access to your organization Hyperion database. With Smartview you can build your standard analysis templates in Excel. Just change periods/currencies/companies you have preliminary data-analytics done in matter of minutes.

See details of Smartview here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/smart-view-for-office/overview/index.html

Period over period data

Beautiful thing with Hyperion is that (at least should be), the reporting structure is kept more or less unchanged to allow easy period over period comparisons. You can cover even longer periods for data-analytics purposes than just view months. This will give you more confidence on the trends happening in the financials.

Supplemental data

Most companies where I’ve worked, utilize also supplemental (i.e. not P&L and Balance sheet) data in HFM reporting. What this means is that you might have also access to headcount information, orders, backlogs, support to back up financial data etc.

I’ve found supplemental data especially useful to speed-up the audit planning process as you can reveal a lot of potential issues from there already without asking directly from the auditee.

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